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Reasons Why ECigs Is a Boon for Smokers
Reasons Why ECigs Is a Boon for Smokers

Jun 24, 2015

Sally has been tight lipped when she...

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Reasons Why ECigs Is a Boon for Smokers

Posted on Jun 24, 2015

Reasons Why ECigs Is a Boon for Smokers

Sally has been tight lipped when she started smoking. She knew that she tried smoking in her teens and by the time she turned legal age, she was smoking half a pack a day. Sally’s story is so familiar with smokers that have started to become addicted to tobacco at an early age. They wanted to quit, as Sally did claim, but they don’t know how. The torment of quitting is too tremendous that smokers often would rather live and die with the health risks than too quit. 


Everything has changed since the arrival of electronic cigarettes. The new products have revolutionized the way smokers are able to quit. But, the problem is that the new product has been subjected to some scrutiny and the safety of these products has an attached huge question mark.  


Sally has been on electronic cigarettes and in just four weeks, she said, that she is no longer getting any tobacco. Since then, Sally has been tobacco free for a year now and she has been on electronic cigarettes with zero nicotine. She said, her situation right now has been a far cry from the situation that she was in a year ago. 


She and other like her have proven that electronic cigarettes can change the dynamics of smoking cessation. Now, she and the rest of the vapers have seen better days. She is now breathing better and her bronchitis is now gone. She thanks the electronic cigarettes for the transformation. 


Still, some people are not convinced. They say, there is no solid proof that electronic cigarettes can help people quit. But the data that we have, little they may be, shows that they are able to help smokers to at least get a better deal with their smoking. And that is the important thing.  


Electronic cigarettes are not designed as smoking-cessation products. They are designed to help smokers get a better deal with their addiction. The fact is that electronic cigarettes still have nicotine means that they are addictive. But, the vapers are able to slowly move away from the addiction just like the way they are doing with nicotine replacement products such as nicotine patches and gums. This is very important because down the road the people that are into nicotine addiction can safely step down their addiction, just like Sally did. 


Sally’s experience with vaping is an indication that there is a brewing movement to use vapes as an alternative to smoking. What we understand is that electronic cigarettes do not feature the same amount and extent of poisonous chemicals found in burning tobacco. Junk science has been attacking vapes to say that they have trace amounts of the cancerous chemicals that are found in tobacco. The operative word there is “trace”. The fact is that the amount of chemicals that are found in certain brands are lower than what we see from traditional tobacco. And the chemicals that are found in vapes are only detected in some brands and types. It would be a fallacy of sweeping generalization to conclude that every brand and type has the cancerous chemicals because that is still yet to be proven