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Vaping Is Not As Bad As Smoking

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

vapingSome say that vaping is the hipster version of smoking. Vaporiums and specialty vaping shops are sprouting like mushrooms. High-tech gadgets get side by side billing with devices that are out to push tobacco smoking out of the picture. In fact, in the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas back in January, some vaping manufacturers unveiled their new models that ranged from those that sport fingerprint scanners and child-proof containers.

Vaping is bigger than that. It is a way to get the nicotine without necessarily getting entangled with the chemicals that are produced by burning tobacco. It has cartridges filled with liquid that has nicotine and other food-grade ingredients. This is the reason why vape aficionados like these new devices, at the get-go they are far safer than tobacco.

But there are risks, said anti-vaping people. Although they can’t say what are the risks because they are unknown. They actually don’t know anything. They just want to be cautious because the available data don’t support long term health impact of vape use. However, on the short term, there is no problem whatsoever in terms of health risks posed with the use of vapes.

Medical societies, the World Health Organization, US Center for Disease Control and Prevention even the Food and Drug Administration are united in their cause to prevent the spread of vaping.

It cannot be denied that vaping has its uses. It is true that vaping remains unregulated but it is not the fault of the industry. The industry welcomes regulation as long as it would not stymie the growth. Big Tobacco has invested much to the industry because it knows that tobacco is on the way out. It needs to ride the waves in order to survive. Declining sales of tobacco is the writing on the wall that tells everybody that there is a new order coming.

Yet anti-smoking advocates realize that there could be a hidden agenda on the way Big Tobacco has entered the fray. It could be that smokers would be enticed not to give up their habits because the alternative is safe and does not harm the health. They think that there is no substitute from total elimination of the addiction to nicotine.

We owe it to the smokers. We cannot deny them the fact that there is a better alternative to their addiction. We owe then to get better ways of getting the nicotine. If only that would prevent them from dying by all means let them vape.