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Non-Smoker’s Guide On Vaping

Posted on Mar 3, 2015

Non-Smoker’s Guide On Vaping

Vaping is everywhere. It has achieved cult status. Celebrities are liking the fact that they can vape almost everywhere. Is this the time when smoking becomes cool again? Are vapes are the way to get addicted to nicotine without getting harmed? If you are a non-smoker and interested in vaping. You need to read this one first. Educating yourself will lead you to better understanding. Here is the guide that will help you understand what this new smoking phenomenon is all about.

Vapes are for smokers only

Despite the allure of vaping, it is not designed to get nonsmokers into smoking. Nicotine is a drug that happens to light up the pleasure centers of the brain. Instead of using nicotine to get stress relief, use other natural and cheaper techniques. Exercise is one way to get some stress relief. Yoga and meditation are also great ways to help the mind and body against stress and anxiety. Nicotine is never the solution against stress. Never let a drug be the reason and the only source to get you going. Dependence on a drug is never good. Try to hinge your stress relief on natural methods and never rely on anything that can run out or have to be bought.

Vapes are not cool

Vapes represents redemption than coolness. Anti-smoking advocates are afraid that the increased use of vaping can lead to the re-glorification of smoking. Vapes are the poster child of getting serious against nicotine addiction. Never have vapes tried to make smoking cool again. The first electronic cigarettes were invented to help smokers get their nicotine and lower the exposure to harmful chemicals. The ultimate goal of vapes is to drive tobacco out of business. It is not meant to replace tobacco. But, from the looks of it some people are trying to substitute tobacco with vapes. And this is not a good thing. Vape makers and aficionados should make sure that vapes remain as tools to help end smoking and not to restart a new addiction.

Vapes are not for starting an addiction

If you don’t smoke don’t vape. Vapes are harm-reduction tools. For a non-smoker to pick up addiction through smoking is totally lame. It is best to remain clean and to avoid getting into any kind of addiction. Addiction is hard and can be overwhelming. If you pick up an addiction through something that is supposed to end it, would it look odd? Smoking in any kind is bad. Vaping is no exception. Vaping is designed for smokers and those who smoke has no business getting into it at all.

You will be discouraged with vaping. It has low nicotine levels that don’t really measure up to smoking. Why pick up a habit like vaping that would not give you the good feeling that a real cigarette can provide. Vapes are designed to gradually give you that way to get out of the addiction. Meditation and yoga are better than engaging in vaping if you want to get a better feeling and a positive mindset. Happiness should be coming from an electronic cigarette. It should come from within and should come naturally. Smoking is for losers and vaping is the way for losers to become winners. Never allow yourself to be in that category. You’re a winner and never be in the company of losers trying to make up for lost opportunities.