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Top Smoking Triggers That You Should Avoid

Posted on Feb 26, 2015

Top Smoking Triggers That You Should Avoid

The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine can be back breaking. But the secret in overcoming the symptoms is to know when and where are the triggers. Triggers are events or situations where the brain is expecting to get some nicotine. Years of regular and repetitive events have formed habits where the body and the mind are expectant that dopamine is being present with the help of nicotine. That is why knowing the triggers can help you better control the urges and overcome the seemingly uphill battle against nicotine addiction. Here are some of the triggers that you need to avoid today.

  • After meals

Eating is good and some smokers go to the back alley or the smoking nook to have a cigarette after meals. This is perhaps the most common trigger that set off the cravings for tobacco. In order to resist the trigger it is perhaps best to find ways to distract the mind from the cravings. Try to walk just after a meal and to do deep breathing exercises while you are at it. The deep breathing exercises help you calm down and relax. Often, nicotine’s absence triggers a chain of reactions that may cause anxiety and stress. Deep breathing can help you overcome the anxiety and all other triggers so that you can rest easy and avoid lighting a cigarette after a meal.

  • Drinking coffee

Research show that coffee may make tobacco taste better. If you can try to avoid cafes and the nearest Starbucks. The aroma alone of a freshly brewed coffee can already trigger the cravings of tobacco even if you’re not drinking a cup of brew. If you can’t avoid the coffee and its aroma try to distract the mind from thinking too much about nicotine. If you can, try to use the games that are installed in your smartphone. Surely, that Plants vs. Zombies 2 game that you have on your iPhone will be enough distraction. If not try to drink plenty of water which can help to lower down the cravings a bit.

  • Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is another chemical that seems to enhance the flavor of tobacco. In a research conducted by Harvard, alcohol can be likened to the combination of milk and Oreos. Alcohol seems to light up the pleasure centers of the brain anticipating that you will be smoking at the same time drink. As a rule, do not drink alcohol since your body does not need it anyway. Instead drink sparkling water, unsweetened fruit juice or to stick to water with a slice of lemon. Alcohol is notorious in dehydrating the body and could also impact the health of your liver.

  • Avoid stress

Stress is perhaps the reason why people smoke a lot. Stress is a natural reaction of the brain when it perceives something is wrong or the body needs to react to a certain situation. The body releases cortisol and epinephrine to add more energy to the body as it responds to a fight or flee situation. It is good to have stress when man was still hunting for food but it is something that modern men would like to have better control over. Alas, stress is in our DNA but it is something that we can’t control. Smoking has been known to calm the nerves and be able to alleviate the effects of stress. However, smoking is not the only way to bust stress. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation can also help—much better.  

Nicotine, in itself, is not harmful in small doses. But the problem is that most nicotine is being sourced from tobacco which brings along thousands of harmful chemicals that can cause health problems to the body. Not exactly, the thing that you would like to have, right? That is why you need to know the enemy so that you can better engage against it. Learning the triggers when you light up can be the best way to succeed against smoking