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Top Smoking Triggers That You Should Avoid
Top Smoking Triggers That You Should Avoid

Feb 26, 2015

The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine can be...

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Okay? Yes It Is!


Electronic cigarettes are getting all the love and hate nowadays. People that want to quit or at least get the best deal on their smoking woes, love electronic cigarettes. Those who don’t want smoking in any form hate them. But, are electronic cigarettes really okay? Are the rumors true about their harm and potential health risks? Are we seeing the dawn of an era where tobacco will be replaced by a new kind of addiction which is far safer and less harmful?

Well it really depends on who you ask.

The American Lung Association thinks that electronic cigarettes pose a very scary proposition. The ALA thinks that the 2009 study made by the Food and Drug Administration is the bedrock of what to expect with vapes. That test yielded results that are not expected by the vaping community. The test showed that some brands that were tested by the FDA had chemicals that were toxic and also cancer-causing. Among the chemicals that were found in the test were used in anti-freeze. Now that is scary, right?

If you ask a vaping proponent they would say the test is flawed.

The test was conducted by the FDA once again and showed that the chemicals found in the earlier tests were gone. It could be that the samples were contaminated. The absence of the chemicals in the subsequent tests proves that there is a need to regulate the industry and there is no truth that vapes are unhealthy and harmful.

So, there is a need to regulate?

Of course, the vaping industry needs to be regulated. The regulation should be in the form that will ensure every player in the industry will play along the rules. Quality and content regulations should ensure that each vapes have the same kinds of ingredients, with the same amount and with the guarantee that it would not significantly impact the health of vapers. Any amount of regulation that would stifle the industry’s growth and help potential will be a disservice to smokers that are looking to end their misery from tobacco and get a better deal on their addiction.

So, electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco.

Yes, it is clear that vapes are a thousand times better than tobacco. It has fewer if not zero chemicals that can hurt the body or cause heart disease and cancer. If it has chemicals the amount are thousand times fewer and the impact is almost non-existent. In fact some experts say that electronic cigarettes are 80 to 90 percent better than tobacco in terms of exposing the body to harmful chemicals and causing the body to get sick. 

Should we be concerned that more young people are into vaping?

Yes, in a good way. The increased use of vaping among young people proves that the anti-smoking campaign is working. They are now aware that smoking tobacco is harmful. They just can’t quit in a snap. This is the reason why they are looking for alternatives to help them with their addiction. Electronic cigarettes are perceived to be better than tobacco and thus being used more by young people to stay away from tobacco and perhaps help them towards the alleviation of addiction.

Then why are people going against it?

Anti-smoking advocates do not approve of electronic cigarettes because they—look like the real thing. There is this considerable doubt on the effectiveness of vapes because they are also delivering the nicotine in the same manner as regular cigarettes. Anti-smoking advocates say that the harm that electronic cigarettes provide is unknown. They want to put a lid on it because they may be right. Then again, they are denying people wanting to quit smoking or at least get exposed to tobacco. They are denying the fact that electronic cigarettes have the potential to save the lives of millions that die each year from smoking.


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